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Tailored governance advice

Governance United has an intricate knowledge of the challenges faced by our clients. We understand governance affects real people and use our collective expertise to deliver solutions in a way that is friendly and straightforward but powerfully effective.

Restart your governance

We will help you take stock, rebuild and enhance your organisation, to manage the unprecedented challenges caused by the coronavirus crisis. We can help you to be in the best position to achieve your objectives. 

Putting great governance into practice

We know governance can feel like a distraction from doing what you do best. We help put governance words into action so that you can keep your focus where it needs to be. We develop governance policies and processes which are tailored to your organisation and support you in implementing them. 

Assessment and audit of governance compliance

Our unique insights into best practice in governance and our listening approach enable us to design high quality analysis of your governance which meets your needs. Our assessments are evidence-based, sensitively written, with clear, achievable recommendations to bring your organisation up to the highest standards.

Governance research

With our wide, cross-sector experience you can trust us to conduct in-depth research on a whole range of governance issues, providing analysis and recommendations to inform decisions.

Governance training

We provide expert and engaging training, tailored to the needs of your organisation and the audience. Example topics include a practical introduction to directors’ duties, developing a risk policy and register, and understanding safeguarding in sport.

See also our independent Board evaluation service.

Examples of recent projects

Brief: Conflict of interest rules for major events

We researched conflict of interest rules in the awarding of major sporting events for the Organisation of Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), supporting a workstream of the International Partnership Against Corruption in Sport (IPACS).

Brief: Code Compliance

Provided highly tailored support to several sports receiving public investment to help them achieve compliance with the Code in an extremely short timescale.

Brief: Guidance notes for Code

We produced a suite of templates and guidance notes for UK Sport to be used to help their funded organisations with the Code for Sport Governance.

Brief: Legal Risk and major events

We provided bespoke advice on legal risk airisng from the involvement of personnel in the management of major events.

Brief: Recruitment Support

We supported the recruitment of non-executive directors.

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